Refund Policy

We are confident that you'll get the results you're expecting from our products and services.

Refunds will be handled on a case by case basis but will follow the outline below.

Scenario 1. This involves refund requests for passive income group contributions to the team crowd funded account. Any refund request made within the first 30 days will result in the return of capital minus currency conversion fees and any trading losses during that period of trading.

Scenario 2. This involves products purchased directly from iClubBiz. iClubBiz offers their own return policy and any inquiries for a refund will require you to follow their procedures that you receive by contacting

Please do not contact iClubBiz if you have questions pertaining to our Passive Income Group, contact iClubBiz for products or services offered from your iClubBiz back office.

For any questions about our return policy, please contact us via email at: